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Miami Beach’s return to team approach key to Baylink rail

Miami Today 12/20/16

Miami Beach’s U-turn on a rail link plan over the bay offers hope for actually building a Baylink that will carry thousands of passengers, get cars off roads and speed travel.

After a year of wandering by itself in the transit wilderness and vowing to do its own thing regardless of what the county and City of Miami do on the mainland and causeway legs of the rail line, Miami Beach has halted its hurry-up offense and awaits a county vote to move forward.

State nears new I-395 signature bridge downtown

Miami Today 12/20/16

The state transportation department is closer than ever to final plans to improve I-395 and build a new signature bridge spanning Biscayne Boulevard in downtown Miami.

Miami creates mass transit trust fund

Miami Herald 10/22/15

The legislation approved Thursday ensures that 20 percent of any unrestricted, one-time payment to the city of at least $500,000 will go into the trust fund. For instance, should the city ever receive the $10 million payment related to the SkyRise tower project, $2 million would go into the account.

The fund will also receive 20 percent of any cash payment by developers for “air rights,” sold by the city’s public benefits program, excluding amounts reserved for affordable and workforce housing. And every budget year, 0.25 percent of Miami’s general fund ($615 million in 2016) will go into the transportation fund. A third funding source comes from transit-oriented-developments that pay the city to receive reductions in parking requirements, legislation that was also approved Thursday.

New study confirms Miami traffic is really jammed up

Miami Herald 8/25/15

The 2015 Urban Mobility Scorecard from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute — the national authority on transportation issues — ranks the Miami-Dade/Broward/Palm Beach region in 12th place of 15 urban areas with the worst traffic congestion in the nation. The 2012 report listed Miami in 11th place.

“I had Miami down as 50 hours of wasted time per commuter back in 2011, but I have you at 52 hours wasted per commuter in 2014,” said Schrank. “This is a little worse, but your rank is basically the same. That shows to me that on most of those pretty large areas like Miami are getting worse sort of at the same rate or altogether.”

The price tag for those 52 hours of wasted commuter time is $1,169, said Schrank.  “This is the amount that a commuter would lose per year because they had to drive in congestion,” Schrank said.

FPL’s Nuclear Expansion Plan Could Ruin the Underline

Miami New Times 4/17/15

Biking along a tranquil, green path in South Miami sounds pretty enjoyable. Next to a series of massive, ten-story nuclear power transmission lines? Not so much.

That’s a real possibility facing the Underline, a project to transform the underutilized land below Miami’s Metrorail from the Miami River to the Dadeland South Station into a ten-mile urban trail and green space.

Miami Commission keeps Tri-Rail’s downtown dreams alive

Miami Herald 3/26/15

Heading into Thursday’s hearing, Tri-Rail executives had secured about $30 million in soft commitments from the state, its own coffers and Miami-Dade County. They’d hoped to leave City Hall with another $11 million in hand from the city.

That’s not quite what happened. Instead, a proposal by Commissioner Marc Sarnoff to pony up the $11 million fizzled, and commissioners agreed to give at least $5.5 million in transportation taxes, with Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez having told Suarez Wednesday that he’d support adding another $5.5 million to the $8.3 million already likely to come from the county’s pot of transportation dollars.

That now leaves some $29 million to be provided within the next 75 days, the deadline commissioners gave City Manager Daniel Alfonso to return with a financing package.

Miami Takes a Big Step Toward Walkability

CityLab 3/25/15

The project, called Biscayne Green, involves a near-total makeover of a six-block stretch of Biscayne Boulevard (from SE 1st Street to NE 5th Street, for those keeping score at home).

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