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Parcel B or Dan Paul Park, four acres of Miami Dade County land facing the waterfront to the east of AmericanAirlines Arena, has gorgeous views of Biscayne Bay and is valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.  In 1996, the parcel was promised to Miamians as a park, and this promise was a major factor in voters’ support of the Arena’s construction.

However, the County and the Heat never opened the parcel as a park.  Schemes for its development came and went and the Heat uses the space for vip parking, paying the county below market rent.  In April 2014, the UEL held a forum on Parcel B and heard comments from County Commissioner Audrey Edmonson assuring the audience that she would make it into the park it should always have been. In late 2014, Commissioner Edmonson sponsored a Motion to allow a promoter for a Formula E1 race to kill grass and trees and cover more of the site with asphalt, which has yet to be removed.  Negotiations for a Cuban Exile History Museum and an African American history museum on the parcel have also taken place between museum advocates and Mayor Gimenez despite public opposition, though no appreciable funding has been secured for either museum.

On June 13, 2015, the UEL, Emerge Miami, and The New Tropic brought community members together to dedicate Parcel B as Dan Paul Park, after the lawyer and activist who worked to protect waterfront parks in Miami.  Over 300 Miamians came out to make use of this space as the public park it should be.  On August 8, 2015, activists and concerned citizens gathered again to express their frustration with the 20 year delay and their vision for the park, this time attempting to break a world record for largest chalk drawing using the 3 acres of blacktop as a canvas.  Over 500 people attended and several more organizations joined the cause, including Engage Miami which was the primary organizer of the event.  The next step is for the County and the Heat to take down the fence, remove the asphalt, and put in landscaping so we can all enjoy the park voters were promised almost 20 years ago.

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CHALK-TACULAR: An Art Project to Reclaim Dan Paul Park

On August 8th, concerned citizens and members of local organizations gathered in even greater numbers than at the dedication to express their frustration with the delay in opening the park and their vision for the space.

Picnic at parcel B

Biscayne Times, July 2015

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Asphalt was laid for a Formula E race and has yet to be removed.

December 2014:


May 2015:


County rejects rent increase on waterfront lot for Heat

Miami Herald 5/19/15

Originally promised as a park during the 1996 referendum campaign needed to build the tax-subsidized AmericanAirlines Arena, the five-acre wedge of land known as Parcel B has been a source of controversy for nearly two decades. The park plan stalled and now the downtown Miami property is mostly used as a spare lot by the Heat, which manages the county-owned arena.  A September appraisal of what the lot could bring on the open market recommended nearly tripling the fees Miami-Dade charges the Heat for Parcel B, a shift that would have generated about $150,000 extra per year.

“We should make it a real park, as was promised,” Levine Cava said in a statement after. “But in the meantime, we’re undercharging, per the market analysis.”

Museum will chronicle journey of Cuban exiles

Sun Sentinel 3/23/15

Last July, Miami-Dade County commissioners voted to allow Mayor Carlos Gimenez to negotiate an agreement with the board of directors to develop the museum on a waterfront site known as Parcel B.

The 80,000-square-foot museum will have four levels and a translucent roof system, Robert Chisholm, the project’s Miami-based architect, said during a slide presentation Sunday. It’ll also feature a visitor center, retail and restaurant space, a 300-seat theater, research library, meeting rooms and a 150-slot parking garage.

Successful strategies for pitching an arena project to voters

Sports Business Daily 1/12/04

Consultant explains how he, working for the Heat, used the promise of Parcel B as a park and other techniques to sell voters on the idea of American Airlines Arena.




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