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SkyRise deal clears first hurdle

Miami Herald 9/4/14

SkyRise Miami received a green light this week from county negotiators for a $9 million subsidy, but other high-profile projects face much harsher reviews over the number of promised jobs tied to the public money.

The six landing in the second tier include Miami Wilds, an amusement park slated for land next to Zoo Miami, Miami Ocean Studios, a sprawling production complex planned near Miami Gardens, and Overtown Gateway, a residential development in Miami.

Miami-Dade forest slated for Walmart, theme park designated critical habitat for rare plants

Miami Herald 8/14/15

For the Walmart project, which ignited angry protests last year after the University of Miami sold 88 acres near Zoo Miami to a Palm Beach County developer, the decision means little. After the deal surfaced, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service told developer Peter Cummings to come up with a plan to protect a host of endangered species that live in the forest or risk legal action. Cummings submitted a plan in May for the parcel — the largest remaining tract of pine rockland outside Everglades National Park — which the federal agency is still reviewing.

Developers of a theme park called Miami Wilds and county officials, however, may face additional hurdles and scrutiny because plans for the 100-acre water park include an antenna field owned by the U.S. Coast Guard.



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