Dan Paul Park Dedication

Where: Dan Paul Park, behind the American Airlines Arena at 601 Biscayne Blvd., Miami
When: Park opening acts at 11:30 a.m., bike ride from Viscaya Metrorail Station at 10 a.m.
Who: Saturday, June 13, open to the public (finally!) and free.
Why: Because when our elected leaders don’t deliver on twenty years of promises, it’s time to take matters into our own hands.

Join us in inaugurating Dan Paul Park, three-acre waterfront gem next to the American Airlines Arena and Museum Park in downtown Miami. Formerly known as “Parcel B”, the park has languished behind closed gates for nearly twenty years.  We’re not exactly sure why our county’s leaders have been unable to deliver on their promises for the past two decades to open the park. We assume that between their busy schedule of meeting with Miami Heat lobbyists and the big developers who want to build up the site, they just haven’t found a good time to have a grand opening. But we also hear that maybe they misplaced the official pair of big ceremonial scissors and are too embarrassed to have a ribbon-cutting for the new park without them.  Whatever the reason, the UEL, Emerge Miami, and The New Tropic are ready to pick up where our elected officials have left off. We invite you to join us for the official park opening acts, following a bike ride to the new park. The ribbon-cutting ceremony will be followed by a day of fun and family-friendly events, including a hula-dancing contest and group picnic.

Learn more: Parcel B Should Become the Dan Paul Park: Some Context on a Sad But Symptomatic Piece of Miami’s Public Waterfront



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