Virginia Key Advisory Board will review what happened to the “flex park”

Why hasn’t the flex park appeared?  “Astroturf will not work,” says City Manager Daniel Alfonso, because of slope and drainage problems.

The newly formed Virginia Key Advisory Board will review options for the space at their meeting on Tuesday.

No soccer at the Miami Marine Stadium Flex Park

Miami Today 5/17/16

Mr. Alfonso said staff believed it was possible to convert the space back to a turf-covered area, but when they began work to bury footings for the large tents and put in the drainage fields “things came up.”

Because of a change in elevation at the site, it would be very difficult to make the area into level playing fields, “so we started looking at other options,” he said.

“Our intent is to come up with an organized plan,” Mr. Alfonso said of the open space. He said some groups have expressed interest in using the tents and the site, including one planning a Dolphins fan fest. The space could also be used for auto shows, a home show or events tied to Art Basel, he said.  “We’ll put a calendar together,” Mr. Alfonso said of events for the flex park.

Mr. Alfonso said he will discuss with the new board members “how to best activate that space.”  It is one of several issues to be considered by the new board.




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