City breaks promise to open Virginia Key “flex park”

This is outrageous but not a huge surprise. It totally ignores the 2010 Virginia Key Master Plan. Many of us suspected that the “flex park” was a ruse from the early days and now it is revealed as a cruel joke on the public, along with the phony new substitute “Master Plan” which was slipped in before the Virginia Key Advisory Board comes into being. What a sad set of deceptive actions making a sham of public involvement in decision-making.

Miami breaks promise to open waterfront park after boat show

Miami Herald 3/25/16

When city of Miami officials hurriedly embarked on an expensive project last year to create a new home on Virginia Key for the Miami International Boat Show, part of their sales pitch to the public was that for much of the year the 15-acre venue would be converted into a park.

They released images of soccer fields east of the Miami Marine Stadium and displayed a sample of synthetic grass at City Hall. They even inserted language into their agreement with the boat show that they’d cover a portion of the $24 million venue in artificial turf and open it to the public within 31 days of the conclusion of the massive marine industry trade show.

But 31 days came and went on March 17 with nary a blade of fake grass or soccer ball in sight. As of Thursday, the venue was reserved for Miami Open tennis tournament parking.

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