Ludlam Trail Fall Fest lets Miamians check out the trail-to-be

First look at Ludlam Trail: a green dream amid traffic-clogged southwest Miami

Miami Herald 11/10/15

During Ludlam Trail Fall Fest, a community event held over the weekend at A.D. Barnes Park in southwest Miami, people of all ages biked the peak of a 12-foot high grassy hill, extending just over six miles in length, where the train tracks from Florida East Coast Railway used to lay. In what may become a 100-foot wide, 6.2 mile linear park and trail for cyclists, pedestrians and residents, the event served as a “first look,” granting the public temporary recreational access to the privately owned corridor…

Originally, FECI wanted to develop 80 percent of the 6.2 mile swath, and leave just 20 percent as green space, but after uproar from the public, mainly from nearby homeowners who didn’t want to see their extending backyards become storefronts or housing developments, FECI changed its plans. The company wants to sell 80 percent of the greenway portion to Miami-Dade County, to be turned into a linear park. It would keep 20 percent to turn into high-density development near already-developed Bird Road and Coral Way. Plans and negotiations are still in the preliminary stages.

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