Miami has 12th worst traffic in the country, and it’s not getting better

New study confirms Miami traffic is really jammed up

Miami Herald 8/25/15

The 2015 Urban Mobility Scorecard from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute — the national authority on transportation issues — ranks the Miami-Dade/Broward/Palm Beach region in 12th place of 15 urban areas with the worst traffic congestion in the nation. The 2012 report listed Miami in 11th place.

“I had Miami down as 50 hours of wasted time per commuter back in 2011, but I have you at 52 hours wasted per commuter in 2014,” said Schrank. “This is a little worse, but your rank is basically the same. That shows to me that on most of those pretty large areas like Miami are getting worse sort of at the same rate or altogether.”

The price tag for those 52 hours of wasted commuter time is $1,169, said Schrank.  “This is the amount that a commuter would lose per year because they had to drive in congestion,” Schrank said.

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