2,700 acres of pine rockland designated critical habitat won’t stop Walmart but may affect Miami Wild

Miami-Dade forest slated for Walmart, theme park designated critical habitat for rare plants

Miami Herald 8/14/15

For the Walmart project, which ignited angry protests last year after the University of Miami sold 88 acres near Zoo Miami to a Palm Beach County developer, the decision means little. After the deal surfaced, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service told developer Peter Cummings to come up with a plan to protect a host of endangered species that live in the forest or risk legal action. Cummings submitted a plan in May for the parcel — the largest remaining tract of pine rockland outside Everglades National Park — which the federal agency is still reviewing.

Developers of a theme park called Miami Wilds and county officials, however, may face additional hurdles and scrutiny because plans for the 100-acre water park include an antenna field owned by the U.S. Coast Guard.


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