Subsidies put Miami Worldcenter under a microscope

Subsidies put Miami Worldcenter under a microscope

Miami Herald 6/14/15

Stretching 10 city blocks of luxury condos, apartments and high-end shops, the nation’s second-largest urban development is perhaps rivaled in size only by its polarizing reputation. The planned $1.7 billion complex has been both hailed as the project that will ignite progress in some of Miami’s most depressed communities, and scorned as the first major step in the gentrification of nearby, historic Overtown.

In a city where cranes fill the sky, the Worldcenter has been singled out by unions, activists and scholars due to its potential economic impact and a sizable subsidy package approved last year by an anti-poverty agency to pay for upgrades to infrastructure, such as water and sewer lines. As the developers prepare to break ground, criticisms and legal challenges have soared to new heights, drawing even greater scrutiny on what the Worldcenter is getting and what it’s giving in return.


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