Will City stop giant LED billboard eyesore?

On Tuesday June 23, the City of Miami Planning Zoning & Appeals Board (PZAB) voted unanimously to remove a loophole allowing media towers, such as the 633′ LED billboard tower planned for Park West, from Miami 21.  On June 25, the City Commission will hear the issue.

The developer claims it is unfair for the City to pass new legislation that would affect them at this point in their project.  However, the developer is thought to have been negotiating with Overtown CRA for months without involving the public.  The public must have an opportunity to weigh in and take action, so if developers don’t make their projects public until they’re underway, they must be prepared to halt them at that point if the public objects.

Renderings from the developer don’t show the billboards clearly – here is how it would really look:


New laws could complicate plans for Miami billboard tower

Miami Herald 6/24/15

One proposal before commissioners would repeal the section of the city’s Miami 21 zoning code allowing for the Park West media tower. That proposal is offered in tandem with a second piece of legislation that administrators say would give them more power over media towers in Park West and Overtown by moving regulatory language into the city’s code of ordinances. (Critics believe it would actually loosen restrictions.)  A third piece of legislation by Miami’s mayor would place a four-month moratorium on media tower permits.

Miami Innovation Tower pushes for building permit

The Real Deal 6/24/15

Miami’s Planning and Zoning Appeals Board signed off on Tuesday on Mayor Tomas Regalado’s plan that makes it harder for developers to erect so-called media towers like the 633-foot observation high-rise Michael Simkins wants to build in the city’s Overtown neighborhood.





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