Little Havana listed in top 11 endangered places by National Trust for Historic Preservation

National preservation group: Miami’s Little Havana endangered

Miami Herald 6/23/15

The National Trust, the country’s principal preservation organization, says the neighborhood’s historic scale and character are imperiled by two main factors: a controversial upzoning of East Little Havana under consideration by the city of Miami, and a lack of legal protection for the broader area’s extensive and architecturally diverse collection of early to mid-20th Century homes and apartment and commercial buildings.

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National Trust for Historic Preservation

Little Havana is mixed use, walkable, series of neighborhoods that has long been home to generations of Cuban Americans. It is composed of residential blocks intersected by commercial streets, creating a self-sustaining community where goods and services are located within walking distance of area residents. Little Havana contains unique local variations of iconic American architectural typologies, such as the bungalow, the walk-up apartment, and the courtyard apartment.

There are two main threats to the Little Havana neighborhood:  upzoning; and the lack of protections for scattered, historic building types. Owing to Little Havana’s ideal location—close to Downtown Miami and the Brickell Financial District—upzoning represents a critical threat to the historic scale and character of Little Havana, while the lack of protections for its scattered historic buildings leaves many important buildings in Little Havana unprotected.




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