The New Tropic on Dan Paul Park opening

Turning a Parking Lot into a Public Treasure

The New Tropic 6/9/15

The enduring impact of Dan Paul’s civic engagement permeates local government and development. From votes on commercial projects in parks and public spaces at the county level, to City of Miami protections allocating an average of 50 feet of public walkway along the sea wall, Paul’s advocacy for creating a people’s Miami endures. Now it’s time to honor that.

To draw attention to the continual effort to reclaim Parcel B as a park, the Urban Environment League is partnering with Emerge Miami, whose own interest in community-building involves combining activities such as bike rides with activism such as, say, making an impromptu park out of a parking lot for a day. Field games, picnics along the baywalk, and other day-at-the-park activities will transform this potentially remarkable space from parking lot to public treasure.

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