re 63 story LED billboard tower – this is how it would really look

June 7, 2015

Dear Mayor Regalado,

Thank you for speaking with me last night in regard to “Innovation Tower”, the proposed 633-foot LED billboard for downtown Miami. As our leader, we’re going to need your help in the next few weeks to defeat this awful idea.

You understand how bad this Eternal TV in the Sky will be for our city. We can’t let developer Michael Simkins’ ever-bright tower replaceĀ our much loved “moon over Miami”.

Your idea, to amend Miami 21, to close the Innovation Tower loophole retroactively, so as not to easily allow the construction of this distasteful edifice, it terrific. The developer should be required to go through the regular permitting process like everyone else building in the City of Miami. As you said last night, “We need to level the playing field”. Having the city commission accept your proposal to amend Miami 21 should do just that.

Your amendment won’t guarantee the defeat of Simkins’ huge, super-bright billboard but it will force him, and others like him, to advance their plans in a fair and open manner.

I am sure 95% of South Floridians agree that Innovation Tower is an bad idea. They will support your efforts in the coming weeks to preserve open government and our city’s beautiful skyline.

Glenn Terry,
Coconut Grove

Isn’t it interesting that Mr. Simkins is using a rendering of his proposed building that hides its worst feature, the two-acres of televised advertising. Coconut Grove artist Terry Ferrer added the illuminated LED panels to show us the tower’s “true colors”.



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  1. marc

    More like 95% of South Floridians couldn’t give a ….

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  3. david

    If this tower gets passed, it will be the biggest mistake this city has ever made. Only when it’s built will people fully understand how aweful this is.

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