UEL Board Member Ernest Martin calls out City for neglecting historic building

Miami River: Our History Under Siege. Guest Blog By Ernest Martin

Eye on Miami 4/27/15

The City’s Historic and Environmental Board is responsible, among other duties, for enforcing the Miami 21 provision that historic buildings must be suitably replaced if they become so decrepit that demolition is necessary.

The Seybold Canal House, dating back to 1915 and the last remaining part of John Seybold’s estate, an early Miami Pioneer. The State of Florida even indicated the building was so significant that it was eligible for nomination to the prestigious National Register of Historic Places. Volunteers from the tiny Historic District of Spring Garden raised enough money to buy it, and gave it over to the City in 2003 to finish the job. The City accepted their gift, but let the building rot in place.  The City let it further deteriorate to the point where it had to be demolished. This made the City both the criminal and the sheriff.

Share your views about this at City Hall on May 5th at 5:00pm when the Historic and Environmental Board will sort through the issue.




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