Tri-Rail seeks more funding to connect downtown after city commits $5.5 million

Miami Commission keeps Tri-Rail’s downtown dreams alive

Miami Herald 3/26/15

Heading into Thursday’s hearing, Tri-Rail executives had secured about $30 million in soft commitments from the state, its own coffers and Miami-Dade County. They’d hoped to leave City Hall with another $11 million in hand from the city.

That’s not quite what happened. Instead, a proposal by Commissioner Marc Sarnoff to pony up the $11 million fizzled, and commissioners agreed to give at least $5.5 million in transportation taxes, with Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez having told Suarez Wednesday that he’d support adding another $5.5 million to the $8.3 million already likely to come from the county’s pot of transportation dollars.

That now leaves some $29 million to be provided within the next 75 days, the deadline commissioners gave City Manager Daniel Alfonso to return with a financing package.




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