UEL Resolution opposes FPL Request to Public Service Commission

A Resolution of the Urban Environment League:


Requesting that the Florida Public Service Commission Deny FPL’s Request for Rate Payers to pay for Exploring Natural Gas Fracking Instead of Supporting Renewable Energy Resources.

December 4 2014


Whereas the Miami Herald reported on December 2, 2014 that “Florida Power & Light wants to get into the natural gas fracking business and it wants its customers to pay for it.”


Whereas the state’s largest utility has requested a $750 million rate increase to pay for their speculative exploration of natural gas;


Whereas it is the responsibility of the Public Service Commission to impartially assess the legitimacy of rate increases;


Whereas widespread public input to the PSC meeting this past Monday raised significant questions about the impact of fracking on the environment as well as the economics of fossil fuel development in contrast to the value of stimulating renewable energy;


Whereas sufficient verifiable evidence was not presented to justify the speculative costs to be paid by public ratepayers;


Whereas “Fifty years is a long time to receive guaranteed profits on something that’s not guaranteed,’’ said Eric Sayler, an attorney for the Office of Public Counsel, which represents the public in cases before the Public Service Commission.


Whereas FPL has asked for permission to proceed with similar proposals in the future without first seeking regulatory approval from the Commission or the legislature.

Be it resolved therefore that the Urban Environment League and other local governments and organizations strongly recommends that the Public Service Commission deny FPL’s request to explore for natural gas in Florida using citizen’s money to investigate its economic and environmental viability.


We assert that it is the Florida’s legislatures responsibility to make such major policy decisions rather than shifting the burden to the Public Service Commission in such major issues.


Finally, we request that citizen’s money be used more broadly to develop renewable energy sources in order to promote the long-term sustainability of our region.

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