UEL Resolution 12/2 on Ludlam Trail

A Resolution of the Urban Environment League

Passed by the Board of Directors, December 2, 2014

Whereas a unique 6.2 mile stretch of land between Downtown Kendall and the Miami International Airport is being considered for both development (by the owner,- FECI) — and alternatively, for well-designed open space by a large group of residents organized as the Friends of Ludlam Trail.

Whereas our urban and suburban areas have far too little public park spaces as it is in order to provide recreation, a bicycle friendly transportation corridor as well as a places to have a relationship with the natural world;

Whereas many children grow up with what author Richard Louv calls a “nature deficit disorder;

Whereas up to recent times, government has been quick to use eminent domain to build highways but placed inadequate attention on creating or maintaining unique public spaces;

Whereas the experiences of other cities such as New York have created startlingly attractive public spaces – such as the High Line – in places that had long been overlooked or forgotten;

Whereas a large number of area residents have been vocal in demanding little or no development within this corridor;

Whereas FECI has not presented an adequately detailed plan to the public in moving their plans forward through a transmittal;

Whereas the public has the perception that the FECI has made significant campaign contributions to sitting County Commissioners.

Be it therefore resolved that the Urban Environment League strongly supports all efforts to preserve as much open space as possible for the Ludlam Trail between Downtown Kendall and the Miami International Airport.

That the FECI proposed transmittal should be denied at this time and a moratorium of six months be established for further transmittals to allow alternative land uses and design ideas to be fully explored.

That money from State Amendment 1 funds, FDOT, and other sources should be fully explored;

That the UEL seeks to join with others to promote a planning process for the Ludlam Trail to be completed within the six-month period.


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