Genting to Miami: We Were Just Kidding

From the Herald:

“A casino planned for the current Miami Herald site would be comparable to some of the biggest in the United States, a top executive for Genting Group told a gambling forum at Miami-Dade College. That’s still a sizeable venture but not the gargantuan casino that critics have seized on in warning Genting’s plan would overwhelm downtown Miami.

“That’s simply false,’’ Christian Goode, Genting’s top Florida executive said when a fellow panelist talked of bringing the “largest casino on the planet” to Miami. “It’s not even close to being the largest.”

What a bunch of clowns. I think its safe to say that these folks will say/do anything to get a casino approved. In an effort to try to overstate the potential economic benefits of the casino they went overboard. With a growing backlash against the scale of the resort casino, they are now backpedaling to find a size that will not attract as much attention.

For those who attended the UEL Casino Forum – we should keep on reminding ourselves of Dan Gelber’s repeated insistence to not get sidetracked with details about the project(s). They will morph and change but once the flood gates are open – there is no turning back.

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