In a 5-0 victory for a resolution sponsored by Commissioner Frank Carollo, City of Miami Commissioners voted to recommend to the County that Parcel B – a waterside parcel of 2.7 acres by the American Airlines Arena –  become a public park.  It has laid largely dormant since a 1996 referendum when it was promised as a park.  Many development forces have tried to take over the land in the ensuing years. Recently, the UEL has had fruitful conversations with the DDA and the Heat to help make this land into a park through a public process.  Another proposal has moved forward in the County Government to place a Cuban Exile History Museum in that woebegone space – now largely used as a staging area by the Heat and closed off to the public. The UEL supports the notion of a Museum but not in that park. The County COmmission is slated to address the issue on July 15th. Stay tuned and write your county commissioner to make Parcel B the park it was slated to be since the 1996 referendum.